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Web application for buying cars at auction.

Project and my role

Design and development of a web application for auctions, for the purchase of vehicles. Application dedicated to dealers and to the customer's network of partner dealers.

Application screen

The problem

The customer was a multinational company in the automotive sector (*), which needed to re-engineer the sales process of used vehicles returning leasing and rental contracts. The request was to create a management system used by the internal sales team and a web application aimed at buying and selling used cars made for external buyers (dealerships backoffice, car dealers and client's partner networks).
* The company can’t be named for confidentiality reasons

TeamMe, Massimo, Mirko, Giovanni e Massimiliano
My RoleUX Design & development for Interlogica
UX toolsSketch, Balsamiq, Lucidchart, InvisionApp
FE technologiesjQuery, Symfony, SASS

Design approach

After the first kick off meeting with the stakeholders to determine the project objectives, and after a series of other meetings, aimed at gathering the requirements, I began to analyze the internal operating processes, market benchmarks and user needs.
Later, I dedicated myself to the definition of User Journey and user flows for the two commissioned applications.
At the same time, the developers, actively involved in defining user flows, have defined the technical requirements.

The analysis phase was completed with a interactive prototype. Then, we focused on the development and testing of the application, during which my task was to work on the UI of the system, dedicating myself to the "responsiveness", the interaction and the modularity of the elements.

More versions of the applications were released, following which we performed interviews and usability tests with users, periodically followed by the re-design of applications and new developments.
The design and development processes have followed mainly, but not exclusively, the methodology Agile Scrum, adapting to the schedule and the decision-making structure of the client.
For the development, these are some of the frameworks used: Symfony, Foundation, jQuery, SASS, Composer. All the frontend structure, templating and custom UI modules were built on this technology.

A successful solution

The customer was very satisfied with the positive impact that the application had on its network of customers. With the new auction application, sales have increased immediately, with a + 12% of purchases from the first month of use. Interlogica still follows the new implementation and maintenance of the system.
A screen in the stable release application

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Challenge and satisfactions

The most important challenge was building the relationship of trust with the development team.
The team was composed of me as UX-UI, a PO and three developers, excellent people, experienced programmers, curious and at the same time very rigid. We have brought the stability of the system and at the highest level: both functional and architectural, security and user experience.
The whole frontend has been consistently developed in components that can be reused in atomic design.

Despite the time pressure and the complexity of maintaining a high level of quality, we have managed to make a great product. As usual, the most exciting thing is what you can do when, beyond the methodology of work, you can build a relationship of close cooperation and trust with the people you work with.
The development team, from left to top: Mirko (DEV), Massimo (DEV), Giovanni (DEV) and Io. Below our athletic PO Massimiliano :D

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