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project use case

Rating Store

E-commerce for sale: ratings, surveys and other commercial information.

Project role

Front-end design and development. Art direction, organization and coordination of company areas.

What we made?

Together with Credit Service, FinTech startup, we designed and developed RatingStore.

RatingStore is an online store that provides quick and secure access to business information related to Italian companies, providing a wide range of certified documents. Users can then download the personal, economic and commercial information relating to companies of their own interest from the portal.

TeamMe, Elia, Ariele, Vincenzo e Stefano
My RoleArt direction & development for Interlogica & MCS
UX toolsSketch, Illustrator, Lucidchart, InvisionApp
FE technologiesjQuery, Twig, Symfony, SASS

Design approach

The team, composed of a UX designer, developers, a visual designer and a product owner, followed a Lean with constant iterations in five main phases:

  1. The work started with the definition of the strategy, the project objectives and the analysis of the requirements with the customer.
  2. Then followed the research and design phase, during which the market and user needs were analyzed, some of which through direct interviews. This phase ended with the presentation of a prototype on an interactive wireframe built with Invision.
  3. The development started with MVP logic, releasing "small pieces of application", on which we collected user feedback through a series of usability tests.
  4. Following the analysis of the information collected, we polished the product focusing the re-design on interactions, usability and visual application.
  5. After a series of iterations, tests, design and development, we released the stable version, which was then launched on the market by the marketing team.

The most significant challenge was the design and development of a product that can be purchased on the online store, that is, the downloadable reports that cross-reference the company's economic data. See the fac-simile of the documents.

Another important test was the structuring of usability tests, the related reports and the management of the implementations suggestions.Rating store UX work flow

The final solution

The virtual store has achieved a fair successful market, thanks to the possibility for users to obtain business report promptly, without registration and credit card or PayPal quick payments.

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What satisfied me the most?

The synergy created between the various departments of the company and the possibility of coordinating, from a user centered perspective, the various professional skills that have contributed to the project: the customer, the project management, the developers, the marketing department and visual designers.

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